Check out the annual Valentines Day Song from my homie Lova and yours truly. Mixtape coming this summer!
good kidd, m.A.A.d city
Devin the Dude combined with Andre 3000. That's the style that comes to mind when I listen to Kendrick Lamar's music. Some say that his debut, "good kidd, m.A.A.d city," will be album is an instant classic. It certainly is one of the best rap/hop hop albums that I've heard in a while. With that said, it seems as if there are only two great albums that come out each year in today's hip hop market, but to be considered classic should never be taken lightly.

Kendrick really gives you a sense of his personal growth as a man and all that is; religion, growing up in gang infested Compton, Ca., dealing with family and friend dynamics. What I really appreciate about the album is him setting the tone of the album with a skit of young men repenting and finishing the album the same way. This give's the album a nice context as he deals with the "sinful" in his life between the beginning and end of the album.

Speaking of skits, Kendrick delivers on this aspect as well (like it seems all west coast artists due). The skits really gel the album together and give the album a narrative. My favorite song include "Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst," "Money Trees," and "Poetic Justice."

Although I'm not quite ready to call it a classic, "good kid, m.A.A.d city" is certainty one of the best rap albums to come out in a while. it's something you listen straight through. Be sure to check it out here!

This past week I had to do a lighting assignment for my Video Production I class. My teammates and I (collectively called Team Negative Space) decided to create to a site to showcase what we did. Check it out here and let us know what you think.

Album Cover
I know it's been a while. I've been busy moving to DC and starting film school at American University. I finally got some free time, so I wanted to brush up on my Photoshop skills and create a LouisPenn album cover. Also, I stared a new blog, Terence Johnson Media, as a sister site to Terence Johnson Music:
Be sure to check it out for all of my electronic media and film projects.

Enjoy the artwork and keep your ears open for new music soon!


Lova from and myself create our version of Jay-Z and Kanye's "No Church In the Wild."
For the past couple of months I have been making an effort to extend my musical palette by creating "classical" compositions and writing music music out – note by note. This stems from my desire to not only create great popular tunes for radio and albums, but to also be well versed in creating for other musical platforms such as film and television, commercials, video games, etc. I plan to publish more of my "classical" compositions as I build upon my collection of material. The following is a short piano piece that I've composed simply titled Melody in F.

Melody in F by Terence Johnson Music

Each Day



February is the month when we celebrate love. So it's only right that I give you something to enjoy that will remind you of your significant other. The following is a video and song from LouisPenn, which consists of Lova Randrianasolo from Red Cup Magazine and myself. Check it out and cuddle up to that special someone:
Marin Luther King Jr.
Against fire hoses, attack dogs, nightsticks, segregation, and COINTELPRO, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. faced many obstacles in leading change in America. Marching through the sweltering heat of the south and into the hearts of many Americans as a hero, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King helped to lay the foundation for a better way of life for all citizens of this country. Below is the documentary "I Am a Man," which features Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's last words and last fight for equality. As we remember King's legacy, let us not forget to keep striving for the promised land:

Drake and Common
_The latest hip-hop battle between hip-hop artists Drake and Common has sparked the interest of many fans of hip-hop. Let's be clear. This is not beef. if you wanna know what beef is listen to Biggie's song. Drake has become hip-hop's new golden child and Common has earned a spot as one of the cultures elite. The clashing of these two powerhouses has lead many to speculate that the battle stems from the MCs' connection to Venus Williams, who used to date Common. Whatever the cause, this has undoubtedly become something to watch in hip-hop.

Common through the first shot on his song "Sweet," in which he exclaims, "..You some hoe-ass niggas. Singing all around here man. La, la, la all that. You ain't no motherfuckin Frank Sinatra..." Common was making a general statement about all rappers who may fit into the rap-singer category, however, Drake being most synonymous with the style (and having a connection to Venus Williams) led many in hip-hop to automatically assume that he was taking shots directly at Drake. Apparently Drake did too. Thus, Drake responded by indirectly addressing Common at one of his shows:



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